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Mid-Line Vises

Mid-Line Vises


  • Mid-level pricing for a well-made, durable vise.
  • The vise screw and nut are enclosed to keep out dirt, and they are permanently lubricated.
  • Rubber washers on the handle reduce finger pinching injuries.
  • Always use vise of proper size and capacity to hold work object.


Catalog No.Item CodeThroat DepthJaw WidthJaws OpenPipe Capacity in-nom.Weight
704013853.458841024.51141/2 - 236.016.4
705013873.759551275.51401/4 - 2 1/247.021.4
706013894.1010461525.71461/4 - 3 1/261.027.7
708013904.75120.782038.25209.61/4 - 3 1/281.837.2

More Information

REED mid-line vises are of strength and price between the Combination Vise and Utility Vise. Design features a machined work surface. The main screw and nut are totally enclosed to keep out dirt and eliminate wear. Straight line pull through the bar and the body greatly reduces wear on main vise nut. Mid-line vises are imported and have replaceable, hardened steel jaw facings and replaceable pipe jaws which are serrated and heat-treated. The base swivels 360° and has two swivel base locking clamps with toothed engagement.

Vises have enclosed screw assembly for all-weather protection.

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