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Reed Special Features

Best Ever

The tool has been improved over prior versions. These continuous improvements are advantages to buying REED.

Current Promotion

Limited time promotion offered for this tool.

Exclusive Features

Tool with special features available only from REED which leads to advantages to buying REED.

Exclusive Size

Tool is available in certain capacities only from REED.

Exclusive Tool

Unique tool is available only from REED and offers operational cost savings or safety features.

Metric Sizes

The tool has metric-specific sizing. However, REED offers many tools to fit metric pipe since most tools suit a range of sizes.


Indicates new REED tool families introduced within the last 12 months.

Truck Freight Required

These tools require truck freight due to size or weight.

Video Training

Numerous tool training videos are available through the REED website or YouTube.

Why Reed

 “WHY REED?” statements explain why a particular REED tool is superior to others, and can be used with confidence to compare REED products with the competition.

XTRA Value

The tool offers extra cost savings over the previous REED version or a competitor's model.

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